⏳ Duration: Long-term ⏳
🌴 Work Form: Full-time; Remote 🌎
👉 Start: ASAP ⏰

Hi there! 👋
We are looking for a Clojure Engineer (full stack) for our client. The project involves creating a custom plugin for Figma and an independent web application connected to this plugin. Your task will be to deliver features to PenPot, specifically the implementation of project tokens directly within the system.
The work includes the implementation of design tokens, managing tokens (analogous to the current management of colors and fonts in PenPot), and providing support in the application of tokens in PenPot while preventing value overwrites.
The client values a candidate who is independent and responsibly plans their work. An ideal candidate is someone who values clear communication and is focused on delivering high-quality solutions.

⚡️ Minimum 4 years of experience as a developer (JavaScript technologies preferred)
⚡️ Familiarity with ClojureScript/Clojure
⚡️ Knowledge of PostgreSQL and the ability to conduct database migrations
⚡️ Experience using WebSockets for RPC handling
⚡️ Experience in developing image-based applications and containers
⚡️ Familiarity with Rum/Rumext for front-end development
⚡️ Fluent in English

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